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Vrelo Bosne
Vrelo Bosne
Skakavac waterfall, just outside the city
Rainy days
Vrelo Bosne
Sunset at Zmajevac, Sarajevo
Bobsled track from 1984 Olympics, Sarajevo
Abandoned bobsled track 1984 Olympics, Sarajevo
Trebevic, Sarajevo
View from Zmajevac, Sarajevo

We were invited by Sarajevo100 international poster action and mr. Dimitris Arvanotis, as emerging designers.Sarajevo100 is an international invitational poster action organized by the Association of Applied Artists and Designers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo, and the Department of Art and Design of Missouri State University.find out more about the project > this article in (GR) magazine +design > poster features significant buildings with great architecture, the 4 temples of the city,  actually located in a close distance, revealing the importance of the co-existence all these years, 3 of the most significant bridges that are associated to the WW1, the civil war, and the new era, and the city